God bless the Satanists -- defenders of the Constitution

Chalk one up

for the separation of church and state:

Once the Oklahoma Lege approved putting the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the State Capitol, that opened the door big and wide for other “religions” to have tributes to their beliefs.

The first to apply?

The New York based Satanic Temple, of course.They are submitting a plan for a $20,000 designs. The Ten Commandments tribute was only $10,000, the but Satanic one will include “an interactive display for children.”

The interactive display for kids was a nice touch, I have to admit. That's guaranteed to give some fundie heart failure.

This is why I am a more-or-less absolutist on keeping religion out of the government. Once you give one sect special privileges, it's next to impossible to keep out the rest. Letting "In God We Trust" on our coinage and "Under God" in our pledge, and it's just a matter of time when some will want to pledge "under Lord Satan" or demand nickels engraved with "In the Triple Goddess" We Trust."

If it were up to me, we would keep nativity scenes off the public square, chaplains out of Congress, and prayers out of the public classroom. There are so many other places to express religion without forcing other-believers or non-believers into participating in religion against their will or against their faith. Letting mangers onto the public square just invites a sense of superiority feelings from Christians and a sense of exclusion from everyone else. Pitting citizens against one another is a curious way to foster civic-mindedness.

As for our lawmakers, by what power of heaven or hell do they have to anoint themselves in holy armor before rushing off to start wars, rob the poor, torment the sick and enrich the wealthy? Seem to me that the best way they can express their religion is by taking care of their fellow citizens. After all, some version of the Golden Rule is common to all peoples.

Even Satanists.