The two things you learn in heaven

Based in not much of anything, I figure that there are two things you learn when you first get to heaven:

1) You learn the answers to all the questions that have irritated you during your life, big and small. Like why you were so bad at math; where you lost that ring you grandmother gave you; why that first marriage went south; what person you nearly met who would have changed your life; the closest you came to getting killed in a car crash but didn't know it; where Jimmy Hoffa is buried; exactly what you were allergic to in 6th grade.

2) You learn that, in heaven, you don't care anymore. About any of it.

The things that matter to us on earth can't possibly be material (ha ha!) when we move on. Yet when we image heaven, into the very presence of God Holy and Almighty, we are anxious to retain our primate perceptions, our social connections and our personal quirks.

Some part of holiness must be to start that process ahead of time. To realize that  much of what holds our attention and captures our interest here is of little value in the next world. Can you imagine heavenly beings discussing their favorite episode of Seinfeld? Or watching ball games? Or gossiping about celebrities?

This might suggest where we put our attention this side of the pearly gates.