5 arguments for suporting the healthcare bill

I am working on a piece that describes 5 reasons for supporting President Obama's health care bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. God know the bill has more than its share of detractors -- the folks who need it the loudest among them. It may be an impossible task, but I want to see if I can persuade them -- maybe even with new arguments that haven't been floated yet.

Reason to support the ACA #1 -- LIBERTY!!!!

Why hasn't the liberty argument been advanced to support the ACA? I mean, think about the many ways that the current health care system ties us down. I am afraid to leave my job because I'm not sure I can get health care, especially as I get older, from a new employer. There might be a job in a start-up company that would be a great fit for me. But without a guarantee that I can leave my old employer and maybe move to another state, I am stuck at the same old grind.

The ACA breaks the chains that bind me to my old employer and to my old locale. With the ACA, I am FREE to move anywhere I want, knowing that I and my family will be covered in case of a medical crisis.

Reason to support the ACA #2 -- PRO-ENTERPRENEURS!!!!!

I hinted at this above. But one reason people (especially old farts like me) might not want to risk starting a new company -- or joining a fledgling start-up -- is that the new job might not come with health insurance. I know that people take this risk anyway, but I'll bet there are plenty of folks who would just as soon play it safe with a dull job that has health care, than with an exciting opportunity that doesn't.  But with everyone being required to get health care (and having an affordable way to get it) the next middle-aged Bill Gates or Steve Jobs might take a chance and spread their wings -- to the benefit of themselves and the country.

Reason to support the ACA #3 -- TBD!!!!

Working on it! Watch this space or another installment!