The future of the Pastor

Iran is the kind of state that some in America want -- one that conflates religion with government.

From CNN: "Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian Christian charged with leaving Islam, has received a local trial courts final verdict, acc...ording to sources close to his legal team, and may now be executed for leaving Islam."

There was an image that seemed to show Nadarkhani on the gallows, but as of this past Monday (3/26) Snopes claims he was still alive.

I can only assume that the Iranians are using Nadarkhani to intimidate other would-be "apostates." Nevertheless, Nadarkhani is worthy of our prayers for his safety and deliverance from evil. By which I mean the fanatical, fundamentalist mullahs. And while we are at it, pray for our own deliverance from a regime that would poison the well of liberty with the bitter waters of intolerance.