A prayer for the pietistic


You who predicted that not all those who cry out
"Lord, Lord!"
Would be sheep of your flock,
Bless us in this season of politics and piety,
That we may courageously and lovingly correct those
Who worship you in church
Cursing you in the streets;
Who honor those giving only of their excess
While casting aside the widow with her mite;
Who speak of their rebirth in your name
While dooming to sickness, death, poverty and solitude
Those who bear your visage.

May we, who call you savior, hero, brother or friend
Never fail
To speak in clear, clarion phrases
In defense of the poor, the outcast and the friendless.
May we count our value in your eyes as the
Price paid
For worthlessness in the eyes of the hateful.
May your courage, strength and holiness
Be ours
As we battle against greed, unholiness and hypocrisy.

May we bear the wounds of insult and being despised
As you did,
Forgiving those who trespass against us,
In the hope of advancing the cause of the kingdom,
Where all are ruled by justice, truth, dignity and love.

We pray this in your holy name. Amen.