The overlapping serial monogamist

Newt was on fire the other night at the SC debates -- attacking CNN reporter John King for DARING to bring his personal life into the debates. It was a clasic case of "the best defense is a good offense." Turns out that Newt's second wife had just been interviewed , claiming Newt had given her the choice between OKing an open marriage (i.e., permission to boink his mistress and stay married) and getting divorced. Mrs. Newt showed which member of the couple had integrity by refusing the open marriage option.

Newt went on to claim that King's question was just part of the standard media attack on conservatives. The Republican audience not only cheered Newt's prickly attack, it gave him a standing ovation! And the other candidates looked on in admiring stupefaction.

The gall of this man is overwhelming. Isn't this the guy who tried to bring down Bill Clinton for an affair (if you can call it that) with a White House intern? While he was banging mistress #1/wife #2? While trumpeting "family values" and the evils of modern society?

Talk about situational ethics! If Dems do it, it is criminal and impeachable; if Reps do the same or worse, it's none of your business and you're a dick for bringing it up!

If anyone thinks that this arrogant, amoral, unrepentant, vile and vicious man has what it takes to be in the Oval Office, I pity them and the globe on which they would inflict his egomaniacal duplicity.