RIP: Jerry Falwell


No self-respecting Christina would gloat over the death yesterday of Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority. But one wonders about the frosty reception he must be receiving in Heaven today. Purportedly a true warrior in the Army of The One, Falwell was on the wrong side of so many battles in the late-20th century culture wars. Though a famous promoter of the 10 commandments and bibical literalism, Falwell nonetheless took part in one of the greatest smear campaigns in American political history -- he dissemination of vicious (and false) attacks on Bill Clinton that portrayed the former president as a murderer. Nothing like setting aside the commandment agaist bearing false witness against one's neighbor in the interst of partisan gain.

Then there's Jerry's famous statement just after 9/11 blaming the attack on gays, lesbians and the ACLU, among others. The man was a born-again smearmeister. Not to mention the aspersions he spread about Tinky-Winky, the most inoffensive of the Teletubbies. Let's face it, when it came to blaming, never let it be said that Reverend Falwell picked anyone his size. Male and white makes right - mmm, hmm

Maybe Jerry ought to be nervous if he hears Saint Peter propose a toast. he joke might be on him. Purgatory might be just he place to ponder the many minds that Jerry led astray in his day.

CNN ran a story today about Falwell's mixd legacy. Read all about it.