In the News: Throwing a bone to the dogs on the right

In what seems to me to be a measure of desperation (or mere stupidity) the pope is waving an olive branch in the face of the rapid pack that thinks the Tridentine Mass is the salvation of the Church. After 40 years of the Paul VI Mass (or Novus Ordo) only the most wigged out seniors or hyper pious young people want to see this petrified relic reanimated.

Here are excerpts from a CNS article with arguments from yours truly interspersed in bold throughout.

Vatican source says pope to expand use of Tridentine Mass

By John Thavis
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI is preparing to expand permission to use the Tridentine Mass, the pre-Vatican II rite favored by traditionalist groups, said an informed Vatican source.

The pope is expected to issue a document "motu proprio," or on his own initiative, which will address the concerns of "various traditionalists," said the source, who asked not to be named.

"Various traditionalists" -- is this code for Mel Gibson and his Dad? Is the Vatican paying off on a bet about how gory Mel could make he Passion of Christ? "Dude!" he told the Pope, "If you blow cookies before the first hour, you have to bring back the Tridentine Mass!!! And wear stupid red shoes."

The Tridentine rite is currently available to groups of Catholics who ask and receive permission for its use from their local bishops. The old rite is celebrated in Latin and follows the Roman Missal of 1962, which was replaced in 1969 with the new Roman Missal.

In other words, you can already get the Old Mass -- you just have to ask -- or is that beyond the feeble powers of the Mass's proponents? Or (scary violins) is the goal to make it available in very parish? The plot thickens

Among those who have strongly pushed for wider use of the Tridentine rite are the followers of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated in 1988.

"Lefebvre" is French for "the beans," of which the late Archbishop was full in spades.

Canadian Archbishop James Weisgerber of Winnipeg, Manitoba, told Catholic News Service Oct. 10 that Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, head of the Congregation for Clergy, had spoken briefly to Canadian bishops about the expected step.

"It sounded to me like it was a sort of concession somebody has made," the archbishop said.

No kidding -- this is definitely a payoff!

Archbishop Weisgerber said the new indult was apparently motivated by a desire to bring comfort to older people who may miss the old rite. But in his archdiocese, he said, the few people asking for it are "young people who never experienced it."

Bring comfort to the older people? You mean the ones who are ticked off at having the parishes closed and their kids raped and their property sold of? The ones who make up most of the membership of Voice of the Faithful and Call to Action?

And which "young people" are we talking about? The fruitcakes who take their cue from American fundamentalists and want to turn the clock back on gays, evolution and biblical scholarship?

Pope Benedict has made new efforts to reconcile with leaders of the Lefebvrite religious order, the Society of St. Pius X. In a meeting last year with the pope, Bishop Bernard Fellay, head of the society, asked for the restoration of the Tridentine rite as a sign of good will.

Bishop Fellay later told CNS that he thought the Vatican should simply declare that the Tridentine rite can be used freely because it was never really abrogated. Bishop Fellay also said wider use of the Tridentine Mass would not solve all the problems the Lefebvrites have with the Second Vatican Council.

Note to B16: this is all about overturning Vatican II and completing the ruin of the Church that VII miraculously averted.

The pope discussed potential reconciliation terms with the Lefebvrites in two meetings earlier this year, one with heads of Vatican curial offices and one with the world's cardinals. In both meetings, sources said, there were mixed views on wider use of the Tridentine Mass.

In 1984, Pope John Paul II first made it possible for groups of the faithful to worship according to the old rite under certain conditions. In 1991, the Vatican established more liberal guidelines, encouraging bishops to grant permission and retaining just one basic condition: that those seeking the old Mass form must also accept the validity of the new rite.


Pope Benedict has long questioned the wisdom of the liturgical changes made after the Second Vatican Council. As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was sometimes outspoken about what he considered the dismantling of the church's liturgical tradition.

B16 rides again. The man is a champion of the idiots who truly will destroy the Church with heir hatred and anti-Semitism and insularity.

"I was dismayed by the ban on the old missal, since such a development had never been seen in the history of liturgy. The impression was given that this was completely normal," he wrote in a 1997 book.

Is he for real? The council of Trent (which gave us The Tridentine Mass) itself banned all liturgical forms that were not at least 200 years old. B16: fool or liar?

In the same book, he said it was important for the faithful to understand that for liturgy and other areas, Vatican II was not a break but a "developing moment."

In short, B16 is showing himself to be as much of a punk as JPII was a giant. I don't wish his early demise, but please send us a Pope who is not such a bonehead.

And while you’re at it, how about throwing a bone to the dogs on my side of the aisle? We are part of your pretty Church too.