In the News: Democracy resurgent?

Well, those rascally gays are in the news again, hogging the spotlight with their bourgeois ways -- getting married, settling down, having kids, blah, blah, blah. It's been 2 years since the Summer of Gay Marriages up here in the Commonwealth of MA, and our political and religious leaders are still looking for a way to undo the Horrific Damage perpetrated on the institution of marriage. Unfortunately, the MA legislature is controlled by the Sodomite Bloc and is using legislative rules (gasp!) to block a public vote on the subject.

But, our leaders have discovered another arrow in their quiver: Democracy!!! Our governor, wants to sidestep the legislature and send the issue of gay marriage to the people. And guess who his partner is in this noble endeavor? None other than our very own Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley!

Now, through I admit I am a dirty red liberal, I like the concept of democracy, generally. What I don't like is its selective application. In this case, Governor Mitt Romney is more than happy for a general show of hands when we knows he will win, but less so when his viewpoint is he less popular one. But that's politics.

And what of dear SPO? Since when did the Church want to hear from the people on anything? Don't they make decision on the basis of scripture and unchanging principles? Who cares what the people think unless a) they outrank us in the ecclesiastical hierarchy or b) can overturn a ruling that persuasion alone cannot affect?

Actually, I welcome the Cardinal's newfound love of liberty. I will be writing him soon to suggest that perhaps he can apply it to questions that have bedeviled the Church for decades: birth control, lay control of parishes and married/female clergy. Of course, we all know that like our secular leaders, the cardinal only wants to hear from the people when it is convenient, preferring to turn a deaf ear to us on all other issues.

But I rave. Ah "Camelot: for "one bright shining moment" we beheld our religious and secular leaders joining in a chorus for democracy. Too bad it is limited to the accomplishment of their selfish ends, to be discarded as soon as the victory is theirs.