The Da Vinci Load: The Definitive Parody

Now that TDVC is coming to the end of its theatrical run, a wonderful parody with New England roots has appeared: "The Norman Rockwell Code." You can view this 30-minute film on the internet at If you're from Mass, Maine or NH, you'll enjoy the references to local towns. Filming took place in Dover, NH and Kittery Maine -- and local TV personality Fritz Wetherbee makes an appearance as well!

Plot? Jacques Fromage is found dead in the Normal Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, Mass. Langford Fife, son of Mayberry, NC's Barney Fife, professor of symbology from prestigious Stockbridge Community College is called to help decipher a strange message. Assisted by Sofa Poisson, a cryptologist with the Quebec Secret Service, Fife toils to decipher the secret of Fromage's death -- and the astounding mission of the strange society to which he belonged.

Terrific and laugh-out-loud funny!!! So as we part, I urge you to elf jet hominy! That is to say, join Hefty Mel! OK! Enjoy the film!
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