Movie alert: The Hand of God

This came out of today's New York Times. If anyone see it, drop us a line!


"This film is the best thing I have seen on the clerical sexual abuse crisis", according to Oliva Blanchette upon leaving the theater after a viewing of this powerful film. We are drawn into the heart of a wonderful Catholic family and see the damage done to it by a pedophile priest who abuses the oldest son, Paul Cultrera. We see how Father Joseph Birmingham misuses the Holy Eucharist to weave a web of seduction around a child, creating confusion and guilt in an innocent soul.

As an adult coming to terms with the impact of this abuse on his life and seeking accountability from the hierarchy, Paul is treated with scorn by his abuser and stonewalled by Bishop McCormack. The powerful visual imagery lays bare the machinations of a deceptive priest who has an oppressive hold over the community and its children, whom he is ordained to serve.

I'm hoping this film is good. We need to keep holding the clerical caste's feet to the fire on this and every other scandal they are dumping on us. Never let them forget the torture and humiliation they inflicted on so many innocent children. No amount of hush money or counseling will make up for the massive betrayal of trust,

And believe me, they are trying to sweep it under the rug and blame it on gays. The only way these guys know how to handle things is to oppress the weak (women, gays, children) and hang onto power for dear life.

Vicars of Christ, my eye.

The film's website has a list of screenings, including a showing at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)from Sept 21 thru October 5th. Other screenings are scheduled for Overland Park, Kansas (Sept 21 thru October 5th), the Mount Shasta International Film Festival (Sept 13 - 15) and the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington.

Check it out! A bring a friend!