Loony Liturgy: Throwin' the horns

The Sign of Peace seems to have atrtacted more than its share of lunacy. The latest atrocity occured two Sundays ago. Short story long: My wife and I had intended to attend Mass in our parish, but we noticed that the presider was a crazy old coot whom we can't stand. Nice man, horrible homilist. Never prepares, but makes it up as he goes along without relationship to the scriptures thatwre read. Rather than preaching a well thought out message, he "throws bombs" -- makes absurd unpredeictable staements like "The Consitution is full of sin!!" that might make sense if he explained them. But he doesn't. So we made an about-face went and drove to the church up the street.

Anyway, come time for the SoP and we are doing the usual hugs and handshakes. Now, some folks (usually in the 60-70 year old range) find it cute to throw the old hippy Peace Sign -- aka "V for Victory" -- to those who are too far away for more personal contact. This irritates me, I must admit. There's somnething vaguely pagan...no, vaguely unworshipful about using the "Peace, man" sign.

But then, I saw something that blew me away. Worse then the Peace Sign, even. Looking to my left, a woman was doing the long-distance signing -- by throwin' "the horns" at the people around her like she was at a rock concert!

Now I'm not superstitous or overly worried about demonic influence in the Church. But throwin' the horns? Not likely she was an Aggie, way up here in the Northeast. So there was no particularly appropriate reason to display the Devil's horns at Mass, especially at a time we are supposed to be acknowledging Christ -- not His Satanic Majesty -- in our neighbors.

Image from http://baysingersworld.com/randoms13.htm in which random losers gets drunk and throw the horns at the camera. Tellement originelle, n'est-ce pas?!!