In the News: Kissy Lips gets the big kiss-off

Little late on blogs due to family obs, but there is good news from the ArchD of Boston, finally,

Once the news got out on May 22 that Cardinal Sean was going to give serial kisser "Kissy Lips" Haddad a stern talking to about having harrassed 4 women employees of Caritas Christi hospital, big changes. 10 more women came forward to tell of having been kissed and leered at by Our Boy. Once that news hit the streets, Cardinal Sean took action. No more plying the hospital board with slanted reports from Church-friendly lawyers. No more buying the nonsense that Haddad was just being "Mediterranean" and no more silence from hospital managers who had warned Haddad repeatedly in the past.

In the span of two days (practically instantaneous in the way the Church measures time) Haddad had been given two options: resign or be fired. Word was that he was trying to hold the Church over a barrel for a $3 million severeance package But when the offer came down, absurdly generous by the standards you and I live by, it was a slap in the face: $800K. Frankly, you can slap me in the face with that kind of package anyday, but for an executive of Haddad's stature and experience, this was slim pickings.

Anyway, congrats to Cardinal Sean for stickin' it to the bad guy and for ignoring his realpolitik advisors who have always gone along to get along, to the detriment of Church membership and reputation.