In the News: BC faculty says "No more Rice. Thanks!"

Two theologians at Boston College have found their Catholic cojones and are speaking up about BC's plan to have Condoeeza Rice speak at graduation. From today's Boston Globe:
Two leading theologians at Boston College have written a stinging letter objecting to the college's decision to invite Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to speak at graduation and to give her an honorary degree.

Nearly 100 faculty members have signed the letter...

Kenneth Himes, chairman of the department of theology, and the Rev. David Hollenbach, who holds the Margaret O'Brien Flatley chair in the department, titled their letter ''Condoleezza Rice Does Not Deserve a Boston College Honorary Degree," and sent it to the entire faculty inviting members to sign on. The writers said they were distressed with the university's decision to invite Rice to commencement May 22. Her selection was announced Monday.

''On the levels of both moral principle and practical moral judgment, Secretary Rice's approach to international affairs is in fundamental conflict with Boston College's commitment to the values of the Catholic and Jesuit traditions and is inconsistent with the humanistic values that inspire the university's work," the letter said. It pointed out Pope John Paul II's opposition to the war in Iraq.

''I have no objection to her coming here to speak -- I am in favor of free speech -- but I don't believe we should be honoring her with an honorary degree," Hollenbach said.

What's this? A Catholic college dinging a conservative for flouting Catholic teaching? I thought only liberals were "cafeteria Catholics"! It's about time that the other side has to suffer with having their Catholicism attacked.

Let the games begin!
Image from showing Japanese sumo wrestler Kotonowaka serving rice to his son, Masakatsu. Is BC trying to force feed Rice to its young charges?