Sunday Reflection: King of Hearts

(Written April 21) After the insanity of the Easter season it is time to catch up. Here's a tidbit from April 2:

"I will place my law within them and write it upon their hearts" (Jer 31:33)

Time to tell you about a dream I had a night or two ago that came to mind when I read this scripture. In the dream, I was talking to a man who had come to the house to interview me for admission to a college. My prospects were not bright until I started discussing my own desire to bring people back to the faith as a result of my studies. I noted to the interviewer that when a heart was connected to God completely, then we knew that person as a Jesus or Moses.

Most of us do not have hearts connected very well to each other or to God. Our connections are frayed by lack of use; they become obsolete due to lack of a wiring upgrades as we grow older and more complex; they are overwhelmed by the impulses sent from wires that connect us to excessive amusement and other selfish pursuits. Whatever law is written in our hearts is obscured by laws that come from misinterpreted personal experience, or (note to the clergy!) from beliefs blindly accepted without personal engagement.

In my humble opinion, the heart-written law of God is not always found in catechisms and canon law. But it is often exemplified by the religious rule-breakers, who use their eyes and ears to seek out the lost and carry them home.
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