The Da Vinci Load: USCB anti-Brown Website -- It's Good!!

I haven't read every page, but the USCCB's new website -- -- which goes after Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code is terrific! Just the right tone -- bemused annoyance. Just the right mix of lay and clerical voices. Even a good looking young lad-priest from Opus Dei! The web site discusses a TV special to be aired on NBC around May 20. There are sections discussing Brown's howlers on Leonardo as a person, Brown's complete misreading of the meaning of his art, and the utter disregard for historical study and the Catholic Church's true stance on Mary Magdalene. Then, the site blasts Brown for ignoring 20 centuries of Christian devotion to the real "sacred feminine" -- the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Terrific job, your Eminences. Keep up the good work!!
Photograph by Jim Davis at showing Adam Vinatieri celebrating his 48-yard, game-winning field goal during Super Bowl XXXVI to defeat the heathen Rams 20-17.