Buddy Christ to the rescue!

As a fan of the quirky and irreverent Kevin Smith movie, "Dogma," there's a warm place in my heart for the "Buddy Christ" statue that Cardinal Glick, played by George Carlin, used to try to make Catholicism seem more fun. Buddy Christ is a bizarre cross between the Sacred Heart and Jeff Spicoli, the stone-out slacker from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Winking and giving the thumbs up, he is supposed to be a better alternative to the crucifix, which gives Cardinal Glick "the willies."

"Dogma" is the kind of film that would have made it to the infamous "Index of Forbidden Films" of yesteryear. But it is a movie that takes religion seriously, at least to the degree of wanting faith to be relevant.

So guess what I saw on the dashboard of a car parked outside Church at morning Mass yesterday?

Was it St. Christopher? No, no, no, no!

Was it a pink plastic rosary? No, no, no, no!

Was it Bobble-head Buddy Christ? Yea, O yea!

I was so excited that I thought I'd go out and get one myself. It's the perfect dashboard gift for someone who loves Christ, digs religious "gear," and has a sense of fun.

Why not? Better "Buddy Christ" than no Christ at all!