Welcome to the Cranky Catholic! Or not...

Greetings! Now go home!

OK. Fine. Stay!

The Cranky Catholic is a website for people like me who are sick and tired of being marginalized by lunatic, judgmental Catholics who have nothing better to do than to pressure good people out of the Church. It's also a place to vent about idiot priests, clueless bishops and New Age nuns with their butterfly poems. It's a place to complain when the Church gets in way of our relationship with God. Down in front!

It's also a place to hear about when the Church gets it right, not that it knows how to blow its own horn...

Are you parish's masses crappy? Do you have a prima donna choir leader or a deacon who thinks he is Christ almighty? Do you have priests who spend more time alone in the rectory than out on the street? Do your kids spend more time in religious ed class cutting out construction paper hearts than talking about Jesus? (Do they even know who Jesus is?) Is your youth minster inordinately obsessed about talking about masturbation?

Are you sick of the Church beating up on gays and women? Sick of Shiite Catholics bleating about being discriminated against? Sick of getting preached to about abortion without a word about genocide, sexism, homophobia and economic injustice? Tired of being patronized, ignored and condescended to by priests, liturgists and church staffs that think only they have a line to God?

Sick of being kept in the dark about the the Church's worst sins and best teachings? Tired of tepid homilies, lame music and empty promises (Vatican II, anyone?)

Do you wish that Church was about the best we can offer insead of the easiest?

Then, have a seat and have a listen. The Cranky Catholic will give you a place to get away from the lousy liturgy, dopey priests and pussilanimous bishops. Learn to love the Church, even as you're kicking it in the rump.