Out, Law

He died in the place now called home

The City Eternal, i.e., Rome.

A grave, deep and cold

His dry carcass will hold,

Within the walls or without, Law.


Attorneys will grieve the most loudly,

Those shock troops he led oh, so proudly.

They'll pay their respects,

Musing on the fat checks

That came with each court payout. Law.


His brother priests, wringing their hands,

Cry, "No one but us understands!"

They'll don the black cassock

Chant plainsong Jurassic.

For whom do the tear gush out? Law.


The victims of clergy abuse

Consider such droning obtuse.

They'd rather regain

Years expended in pain.

Eulogies they can do without, Law.


Insurer's robust policies

Bailed out this corrupt diocese.

They watched as their coffers

Drained dry with new offers

To silence those singled out. Law.


The Bride of Christ, turned to a whore,

Whom any with sense must abhor.

It's a cardinal sin

To assume grace within

Than its evil to ferret out, Law.


A grace: that his tomb's overseas;

His soul here would shift with unease.

For locals, asperging

Their bodily urging,

Keep sanctity's odor out. Law


It's bad form to slander the dead;

Their good we should trumpet instead.

But curs'd be my eyes

If I less than despise

That assassin of innocents, Law.